DeForest Lions Membership Meeting – September 11, 2017

Comfort Inn & Suites

6:57 pm: Meeting called to order.

Secretary’s Report – David Lubick

  • Minutes from June 12, 2017 Meeting were not furnished in print form. Club Family Picnic occurred on that date and minutes were prepared by Past Secretary Bert Freeman. (Freeman was not in attendance for this meeting.)
  • Lions Correspondence shared with membership. WI Lions Foundation – several cases of candy bars to be sold at Lions Camp. (Given to our club by DeForest Family Dollar)
  • Thank You Letters (four) received from Lions Campers that our club sponsored. (e.g. Emjay H., Marissa R., Abigail H., Saree B.) Letters were made available for display and review.
  • Future correspondence will be shared with membership and available for review.

Treasurer’s Report – Tony Sobczak

  • Provided printed financial recaps. Reports moved for 2017-2018 Audit.
  • 2016-2017 Audit Report: Prepared by Finance Committee; Erling Isely moved to accept; Ron Kalscheuer seconded.
  • Recap of July 4 Community Raffle and BBQ Chicken Dinner profit/loss. Events produced a profit for donations.
  • Provided members with report of club Administration and Foundation Accounts.
  • Donation checks yet to be awarded to DANN, Norski Nibbles, DeForest Area Food Pantry for 2016-2017.

Correspondence – Alan Johnson

  • A President’s Reminder: We are the Face of Lions in our interactions around our community.
  • Members encouraged to invite their guests to our October Meeting. Membership Committee planning a recruitment event for February 2018. More to come from Membership Chair: Gary Overcash
  • Wisconsin Mission making plans to assist citizens of Rockport, TX area due to Hurricane Harvey flooding. Contact Erling Isley for details and logistics for mission/emergency planning.
  • DeForest Lions Club Shirts can be ordered through Erling Isely.

Member Survey – David Lubick

  • Theme – How Are We Doing?
  • Intended for all current members.
  • Last survey was conducted 18 months ago.
  • So far, 17 respondents.
  • Survey closes September 19. Encouraged all members to complete the brief survey.

Committee Reports – Various

  • July 4 – Erling Isely: Proceeds = $2000 (approximately) The 2018 Event will require different setup for vendors. The Fireman’s Park is under renovation.
  • Gun/Sportsman Raffle – Kim Janovtiz provided update. Approximately 200 tickets sold. All 500 tickets were distributed. Drawing to be held October 9, 6pm at Comfort Inn & Suites. (prior to Club Membership Meeting) Unsold tickets due 9/24 for redistribution. Contact either Kim Janovitz or Max Sesing – Event Chairs
  • WindsorFest – Tony Sobczak provided update. Event to held on 9/22 5 – 9pm and 9/23 all Day. Selling chopped pork and beef sandwich and bag of chips. $5. Bottled water also sold = $1.50. Need more volunteers. See Sign-Up Genius or contact Tony.
  • Stuff the Bus – Vicki Sobczak provided recap. Event held at DMB Parking Lot on 8/12/17. 10am – 4pm. Gathered approximately $6700 in cash and supplies. Additional cash donations continue to be received. 16 Lion volunteers participated in the community event. (Approximately 55 hours of service)
  • Radon Gas Awareness Kits – Awareness Event date changed to 9/30/17. Table setup at Pick-N-Save. Time: 10a-2pm. Kits to be sold for $5 by local radon gas mitigation company. They can provide information and testing awareness to citizens. Lions Club to give away water bottles with Lions Diabetes Awareness messaging on them. Lion volunteers needed. Event contact is Dave Gray
  • Membership – Gary Overcash, Membership Chair will be coordinating a Lions Awareness & Recruitment Night Event in February. Committee being formed. More to come.
  • Service – Dick Leverentz. Next roadside clean-up slated for 2nd Saturday in October. 10/14/17, 8-9:30am

Club Committee Assignments: Committee assignments determined by President Alan Johnson and VP Vicki Sobczak. Members can exchange committee roles with another Lion. Johnson and Sobczak asked members for their feedback on assignment(s). Members need to communicate a change in their assignment to either A. Johnson or V. Sobczak.

Guest Speaker: Conrad Dryer, 2nd Vice District Governor of our District. (27-D1)

  • Shared message from DG Jodi Burmester.
  • Wisconsin Lions Serve: 1 Lion serves 246 citizens
  • Together we can do so much. Keep doing.
  • You Rock! Get involved with other service groups.
  • Lions should be FUN!
  • Regional Zone Meeting: 10/16/17. Rex’s Innkeeper, Waunakee
    • Encouraged members to participate.

New Membership Induction

  • Judd Blau inducted. Sponsored by VP Vicki Sobczak.

Melvin Jones Award – Gary Overcash

  • Presented to Gary Overcash by Erling Isely and 2VDG Conrad Dryer.

50/50 Raffle – 50% of money collected goes to WI Lions Camp. The remaining 50% is awarded to the ticket (holder) that is drawn. Three raffle tickets were drawn. Tony Sobczak asked participating members if they prefer multiple prizes or one prize drawn. Members verbally approved small, multiple prize drawings.

Motion to adjourn by Tony Sobczak; seconded, Kym Overcash.

Adjourned: 8:07 pm; Submitted by: David Lubick, Secretary