Tara Vraniak DI Zone Chair talked to us about what is happening locally and internationally. 

 Minutes of the DeForest Lions Club Membership Meeting

Date: October 10th, 2016

CALL TO ORDERThe meeting was called to orderLion President Dave Gat 6:30PM at the Comfort Inn and Suite.

OUR  GUESTS:  Terry O., Tara Vraniak DI Zone Chair and her husband Lion Mike and new member Brian C.

speakerSPEAKER:  Tara Vraniak DI Zone Chair.   We won a patch for youth service. Lions planted 6 Million Trees this year internationally. Our zone had 3894 hours in 3 months. International Convention is in Chicago June 30th – July 4th 2017. Tara is stepping down next year and is looking for a replacement.

Secretary’s Report motion to approve 1.  Tony   2.  Jason, Approved

Treasurers Report Motion to approve 1. Beth   2.  Nora , Approved


Heritage Fest…Profit little over $600

Gun Raffle Lion Max…Profit just under $3000…Kim J was a huge player…  Tony made a motion to commend both Kim and Max’s effort very commendable APPROVED

Bowling… Moving forward


Brian Cortez, Ron Rogers is not here. Dale Olson… Who was ill this evening Induct next month

Community Service, Leo’s… Homecoming parade was a success, 50 applications were handed out for membership

New Business

Tony …Rotary had a purple pinky fundraiser event… Gates foundation donating $2 for each dollar donated….1. Tony  Proposed $500 to Rotary for Polio, Marc seconded…Rotary. Approved…one opposed

List of members on website…. Was discussed Larry motion 2nd tony Approved. Lion Bert to provide

Christmas Party: Will be in December this year


Nov 9th Children’s vision screen in Dodgeville

Eye bank… Wanting to expand their building… Dispatcher in house and not off site

Lion Erling mentioned Wisconsin Lions Mission still looking for 5 people for the mission

Respectfully submitted by

Lion Secretary Bert Freeman