Lions-header                                                                  December 12th, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Lion President Dave Gray at 6:30PM at the Comfort Inn and Suite

Dale placed his XXXX to the Lions Lumber and gave to Tiny next month

Secretary’s Report …Tony….laura…Approved

Treasurers Report…. Treasurers Report  was presented by Lion Tony   

Fundraising ….

Bowling fundraiser… Jan 28th. Bake sale this year…

Old Business

Snow removal… need help, please let Erling know if you can help.

Community Service Old Business

New Business

Regional Zone meeting…. 10 Pins to hand out Deb Freeman, Bert Freeman, Tessa, Erling and Ann, Dick L, Gary and Kim O, David L…. Larry B

Christmas Party Lion Vicki played the organ and the membership sang along

Lion Bob spoke of the reservation in South Da

Motion to adjourn 7:42

Respectfully submitted by   Lion Secretary Bert Freeman